Licenses and Patents

HASCO, The leading environmental solution provider.

ISO Certifications


ISO 9001-2015
(2018.12.15 ~ 2021.12.14)


ISO 14001-2015
(2018.12.15 ~ 2021.12.14)


ISO 9001_2015
(2015.12.15 – 2018.12.14)


  • Certificate of Water Quality Environmental Construction Business
  • Certificate of Design and Construction Business for Personal Sewage Treatment Facilities
  • Certificate of Design and Construction Business for Livestock Manure Treatment Facilities
  • Certificate of Professional Construction business
  • Certificate of Engineering Consultant
  • Certificate for Trading Business
  • Certificate of Overseas Construction
  • Certificate of Wastewater Treatment
  • Certificate Sewage Treatment
  • License of Facilities & Mechanical Works
  • License of Water & Sewage Works
  • Member of Overseas Construction Association
  • Certificate of Registration to Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power


  • Appliance for electrolysis attached ship and the method of sterilizing red tied using it
  • A disposal equipment for CMP slurry
  • Apparatus for wastewater single reactor composed of biological and membrane process
  • An apparatus combined CPI with IAF for separating oil-water effluent from HOU and the method of using it
  • Biological treating and filtering system for wastewater and the method of recycling the wastewater
  • Apparatus and method for sterilization/disinfection water using electrolysis
  • The organic sludge reduction facilities by means of electrolysis
  • Electrolysis Treatment Facilities and Method of CPP Regeneration Wastewater
  • Method of waste water treatment containing high concentration nitrogen combined electrolysis and biological process
  • Method of waste water treatment combined electrolysis and chemical with biological process
  • Method for treating wastewater generated in a semiconductor manufacturing process
  • A cement concrete hardening material to treat heavy metals, and the method thereof
  • A stabilization composition for preparing of cement concrete to treat heavy metals
  • A method of recycling water treatment (Chinese patent)


  • Award of Environmental Ministry of Korea
  • Award of the most Qualified Environmental Business