Corporate Image

HASCO, The leading environmental solution provider.


The logo symbol of Hansung Cleantech has three parts.

The combination of a stable oval shape at the bottom and a towering mountain at the center represent the Korean characters for Hansung that is standing high on the stable foundation. This clearly expresses the corporate philosophy of Hansung Cleantech.

1. Mountain
  • Corporate image showing the high spirit and future orientation of Hasco
  • Expresses challenge, passion, experimental spirit, and pursuit of goals.
2. Oval
  • The oval symbolizes the harmonious and stable company.
  • It represents customer satisfaction, corporate satisfaction, and the unchanging satisfaction of employees.
  • It urges visions for human management, social management, and technology management.
  • The image of a company that maximizes profits.
3. H S
  • Initials of Hansung
  • Highest quality Service
  • Highest quality Supply
  • Highest Satisfaction