HASCO, The leading environmental solution provider.

2018 Licensed Business for Electrical Construction Work
2016 Acquired the OHSAS-18001 certification
2015 Licensed Business for Steel Structure Construction Work
Registered as a qualified supplier to KHNP (KHNP’s H285 Wastewater Treatment System).
Licensed for Business for Construction of Dismantling Construction Scaffolding Structures.
2006 Established the Hansung Cleantech R&D Center.
2005 Received certification for entity providing engineering services.
Registered for overseas construction business

  1. Construction business for environmental pollution prevention facilities
  2. Construction business for water and sewerage facilities
  3. Construction business for machines and equipment
2003 Established a local firm in Beijing, China (Beijing Hansung Environment Protection Technology Co., Ltd)
2002 Received a citation from the Ministry of Environment
Selected as an excellent environmental business by the Ministry of Environment
1998 Received the ISO 9001/14001 certification.
1996 Completed the construction of a manufacturing plant at Namdong Industrial Complex.
1995 Registered as a trading business (Gap class).
1992 Registered for the design and construction business of sewage treatment facilities, etc.
Licensed for facilities and mechanical works and for water and sewerage works.
1991 Received certificate for wastewater treatment facilities.
1990 Established the company on May 28, 1990,