Other Industries

Besides electronics, petrochemicals, and power generation, we are supplying water treatment facilities to a wide variety of industries including the national backbone industries such as automobile, shipbuilding, and steelworks. With the intensification of global competition, the production cost saving of the manufacturing industry has become a prerequisite. As a result of the emergence of environmental problems around the world, the standards for water discharge have become strengthened and the environmental and ethical codes and social responsibilities of corporations are being emphasized. In the midst of these trends, water treatment systems including water reuse, easy maintenance, and the quality of treated water are directly associated with the services and business value of the manufacturing industry. Hansung Cleantech is providing customized wastewater treatment, water treatment, demi-water and UPW, and reuse systems through efficient and stable water treatment process design.

Major Project
Beijing Hyundai Motor Co., Ltd. 3rd Water & Wastewater Treatment Plant Package of BGMC
Industry Automobile
Client Beijing Hyundai Motor Co., Ltd.
Location Beijing, China
Order Year 2011
Scope E, P, C, Startup
Facilities WT, WWT, Sludge Treatment
WWT phControl+Coagulation+Flocculation+Sedimentation+

We have constructed a wastewater treatment system using the films, degreasing, and electrodeposited wastewater using physicochemical, heavy metal, and biological treatments. To produce water quality required for the boiler and industrial water, we achieved stable water quality and volume by successfully optimizing the water and wastewater treatment systems through the construction of a demi-water production system using the A/C and R/O filtering methods with the inflowing water.

Project List
  • Gumi Sewage Treatment Water Reuse System BTO Construction & Work (2016)
  • Sichuan China Hyundai Motor, Construction of Water Supply and Wastewater Treatment Facilities (2012)
  • POSCO FINEX No.3, Construction of Condensate Vacuflow System (2012)
  • Beijing Hyundai Motor (BHMC), Construction of Water Supply and Wastewater Treatment Facilities (2011)
  • Hyundai Mipo Dockyard, Construction of Vacuflow System (2011)
  • Beijing Hyundai Motor (BHMC), Construction of Wastewater Treatment Facilities (2006)
  • Hyundai Heavy Industries, Construction of Wastewater Vacuflow System (2006)
  • POSCO China (Zhangjiagang), Construction of Water Supply and Wastewater Treatment Facilities (2004)